Golf Tips: Begin at the Bottom
If you're new to the world of golf, you'd better prepare yourself.  It's one of those sports that you can spend a lifetime practicing yet never stop learning.  The excitement never ends in the game of golf. 

Before you rush headlong into the sport of golf, there are a few bases that must be covered.  Items to buy, books to read, and things to do.  Familiarize yourself with every aspect of the game before you begin, and you'll find it's a whole lot easier to learn.

The basics of golf are pretty simple.  Golf is all about hitting a ball across the landscape, and then hitting it repeatedly until it drops into a designated hole.  The fewer times you hit the ball, the lower your score will be.  The lower your score, the better your game.  Unlike other sports, the guy or gal with the lowest score is always the winner.  Golf can be difficult to play in the rain, under a very hot sun and when you're taking on a new golf course.  But of course, sometimes it's the challenge that makes the game so much fun!

Who can play and enjoy a game of golf?  The answer to this question is simple:  so long as you are able to walk or ride the course, you can play the game.  If you can swing the club and see where the ball needs to go, you can enjoy golf.  Many golfers have found ways to play, despite difficulties in walking, hearing or even standing for long periods of time.  These players put their love of the game first, and continue to play the game very well. 

Golf is all about 'seeing' the invisible lines, knowing where you want to hit the ball, and understanding how hard you need to hit it. The game of golf need not be hurried, so you can take your leisurely time on the green, visiting with friends and enjoying a social break from the day.

Newcomers to the golf course should always watch what other golfers are doing, and apply any golf tips picked up along the way.  While you are waiting your turn, make note of how other golfers stand and how they play.  These are important lessons that many people pay top dollar for.  You can learn how to stand, where to aim and how to find those imaginary lines that will lead the way to the green and put your ball where it needs to be.  As you are able to get more balls on the green, and as your ability to hit the ball into the hole improves, your overall score will begin to drop.

One of the most basic of all golf tips begins at the bottom.  Always pay attention to the placement and position of your feet. Every time you tee off, your feet should be firmly planted and must remain that way as you swing.  You can greatly improve your stance by paying attention to how and where your feet are placed.  Again, take a look at the more experienced golfers around you.  Note the position of their feet, and think about any improvements you can make to your own stance.

While carrying through your swing, keep your elbows tucked snugly in.  Your elbows must be held toward your body as you are swinging, to keep the entire motion tight and fluid.  If your swing is not kept tight, you can hack the ball and send it soaring into the woods. 

Knowing and understanding the most basic points of golf is all you need to build a strong foundation of knowledge.  After you've mastered your stance and swing, you can begin to add other golf tips to improve your game and lower your score.